Former Post-Doc in Nuclear Theory, now Marie-Curie Fellow at CERN Theory Division
A_N in polarized p+p in PHENIX, 2010, now Principal Engineer, Amazon
Forward physics with PHENIX MPC, 2012, now Quantitative Researcher at Citadel Investment Group
Spin physics w/ di-hadron in PHENIX, 2011, now Trader at UBS
Spin Physics at COMPASS, 2022, now Instructor of Physics and Mathematics at Fairmont State University
Development of the ICCING algorithm, 2023, now Assistant Professor at Franciscan University
QCD critical point in Far-From-Equilibrium Hydrodynamics, 2022, now Post-Doc at Bielefeld University
Former Nuclear Theory Post-Doc, now Professor at New Mexico State University
Former Post-Doc in Nuclear Theory, now Professor at Pepperdine University
Jet fragmentation in ATLAS HI collisions, 2019, now Data Scientist at Red Ventures
Jet Flow in HI collisions at ATLAS, 2022, now Post-Doc at Georgia State University
Low-x physics w/ forward dijets in p+Pb at ATLAS, 2019, now Software Engineer at Intuitive
Former ATLAS Heavy Ion Post-Doc, now Professor at Charles University, Prague
Former ATLAS Heavy Ion Post-Doc, now Professor at Unviersidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
Radiation Hardness of Fused Silica and Machine Learning for RPD, 2022, now Research Data Scientist at Meta
Design and performance projection of Run 3 ATLAS RPD, 2021, now Machine Learning Engineer at CGG
Former ATLAS Heavy Ion Post-Doc, now Post-doctoral associate at BNL
Construction of COMPASS DC05 and TMDs in polarized Drell Yan, 2019, now Data Scientist at FINRA
Drell Yan cross section at COMPASS, 2019, now Post-Doc at Osaka Metropolitan University
Former Post-Doc on COMPASS, now Data Scientist at ZOE
Resuspension in Nuclear Fallouts, 2023, now Post-Doc at ANL
Former Post-Doc on Belle and PHENIX, now Assistant Professor at Duke University
Former Post-Doc in PHENIX, now Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory
Former Post-Doc in Belle and PHENIX, now Senior Scientist at RIKEN
Former Post-Doc on PHENIX, now at KAIST
Former Post-Doc on PHENIX, now at Illinois Applied Research Institute
Parity violating asymmetries in W production at PHENIX, 2016, now Data Scientist at Capital One
Fragmentation Functions in Belle, 2013, now System Architecture/Design Lead at Abbott
Gluon Spin Physics in PHENIX, 2013, now at EPIC Medical Software Company
Gluon Spin Distribution in PHENIX, 2013, now Systems Engineer at Northrop Grumman Corporation
Run 3 RPD detector design, 2022, now Engineering Physicist at FNAL