Nine Illinois Nuclear Physics undergraduates presented their work at the 2022 DNP CEU

10/31/2022 Riccardo Longo, Anne Sickles

Written by Riccardo Longo, Anne Sickles

Nine Illinois Nuclear Physics Undergraduates presented their work at the Conference Experience for Undergraduates program as part of the American Physical Society Division of Nuclear Physics Fall Meeting held October 27-30 in New Orleans.  The students presented a poster or a talk on their own research and attended dedicated talks designed to give them a broader understanding of topics in nuclear physics and increase their awareness of graduate programs in nuclear physics.

DNP CEU 2022 Contributions from Illinois Nuclear Physics Group Undergraduate Students 

Abraham Holtermann, "Observables to Measure Jet Energy Loss Fluctuations in Heavy Ion Collisions",

Supervisors: Anne Sickles, Jaki Norhona-Hostler 


Anna Przybyl, "A Novel Reaction Plane Detector for the ATLAS Experiment"

Supervisors: Riccardo Longo, Matthias Grosse Perdekamp 


Amanda Leveritt, "sPHENIX Electromagnetic Calorimeter Block Evaluation"

Supervisors: Anne Sickles, Caroline Riedl


Kristopher Young, "A New LED Pulser Board for the ATLAS and CMS ZDCs in LHC Run 4"

Supervisors: Riccardo Longo, Matthias Grosse Perdekamp


Paul Malachuk, "Gain Characterization of Photo-Multiplier Tubes used in the ATLAS ZDC Reaction Plane Detector for Run 3",

Supervisors: Riccardo Longo, Matthias Grosse Perdekamp 

Yi Liu, "An LED-based calibration system for the new ATLAS Reaction Plane Detector in LHC Run 3", 

Supervisors: Riccardo Longo, Matthias Grosse Perdekamp 


Emily Dillingham, "Binary Love
Relation for the Inspiral of Heavy
Neutron Stars
Supervisors: Jaki Norhona-Hostler,
Nico Yunes 

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This story was published October 31, 2022.