Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment

Jen-Chieh Peng

The observation of neutrino oscillation in experiments involving solar, atmospheric, accelerator, and reactor neutrinos has demonstrated that the masses of neutrinos are nonzero, and neutrinos with different flavors can mix with each other to form the mass eigenstates. Neutrino oscillation has provided the only compelling evidence thus far for new physics beyond the standard model (SM). The smallness of the neutrino masses and the surprisingly large mixing angles have already provided intriguing clues for extensions to the SM. However, many outstanding questions on the properties of neutrinos remain to be answered. The large antineutrinos flux available at the nuclear power plants offers significant opportunities for addressing many im-portant issues in neutrino physics, including the mixing parameters for neutrino oscillations, the neutrino mass hieracrchy, and the possible existence of sterile neutrinos. See attached pdf for full description

Daya Bay Interview