Nuclear Physics Laboratory - Updates

By Mike Suchor
November 15, 2019


Current EMCal block production per week is at 25. The complex production and testing chain work well, with a few quirks here and there. We have 22 undergrad students working on the project with an increasing trend. Recently, some of the students were assigned to help later stages (than early stage fiber filling) within the production chain.  Duties performed are mold cleaning, mold loading, and tungsten powder filling. The EMCal schedule anticipates production of 60 blocks per week beginning April or May 2020.

The first of two deliveries of tungsten powder arrived this week. 5.2 tons; 26 blue metal drums, you can't miss them when you enter the high bay! Some of the palettes will be stored in the metal shed. Delivery #2 is expected November 26.


We are planning another cooldown before year end. The dilution refrigerator cryostat will not be opened before that cooldown - it will be a repeat of the last cooldown which had issues because of ice-blocked capillaries.

Effort to put the tube furnace together. We estimate testing next week. Finishing up film burner assembly during tube furnace construction. Some fixture parts will be made in our shop.

Parts for the Depol IVC re-build are researched and pending quotes. In the meantime, we will try to dissect one of the sinter tubes and then examine the inner and outer sinter with a microscope.  We will also try to BET test un-sintered powder as a test of our surface area measurement system.

We will attempt to glue seamless Kapton tubing to the interior of a copper shell as a test of the technique planned for the fabrication of the injection volume for the next piece of hardware. Hardware will be fabricated on site once we are satisfied with tests and the film burner.