Nuclear Physics Lab Update

By NPL News
April 20, 2018

The sPHENIX calorimeter is planned to be a high density tungsten-scintillating fiber design. The UIUC project molds the scintilating fibers into a tungsten epoxy block. The calorimeter will have more than 6 thousand of these blocks in which U of I students have been busy assembling the fiber arrays.  Each array has 2558 fibers located in brass screens, these are carefully filled by hand and then inspected for quality before being cast into the block. The design also has high uniformity and the potential to be projective in two dimensions, both η and φ (2D).  Each block will be fabricated into a large calorimeter detector for installation at Brookhaven National Lab. (pictures from left 1, 2, 3)

Visiting Physicist Weijun Yao from Harvard University is working on the Dilution Refrigerator insert for the Helium 3 services part of the nEDM experiment that will be constructed at Oak Ridge National Lab.  When complete, the refrigerator will be capable of temperatures near absolute zero and will provide the cooling power for a liquid Helium 3 polarized target. The NPL staff have been fabricating parts and constructing the unit on site.