NSF News

November 15, 2017

On Nov. 8 we submitted our main grant proposal to NSF.  This grant, that has been continuously funded since the time of Donald Kerst and the first betatron in the early 1940s supports the work of everyone in our group including faculty, staff, postdocs and students.  Because of the size of our request, there will be a site visit by a group of our peers supplemented by one or two people from the Nuclear Physics program office at NSF.  This time it will be on Thu. and Fri., Feb. 1 and 2, 2018.  We look forward to having everyone contribute and pledge to represent you as well as we possibly can.


This also marks the completion of the NSF nEDM equipment grant (actually May, 2018) and we are in the process of developing a new proposal that is due at NSF by the end of the year.  The proposal will again be a collaborative proposal with Caltech and will support both the magnet and 3He subsystems of the experiment.  In this case, the request goes to the so-called Midscale Instrumentation Fund; we are hopeful that this second installment of NSF funding for the experiment will also be successful.