nEDM Annual Review

By Doug Beck
December 12, 2016

The neutron EDM experiment is currently in the third year of a four year “Critical Component Demonstration”. In this phase, we have been building some of the important internal parts for the experiment, such as the dilution refrigerator. We have our annual review coming up on Dec. 12 in Washington when a group of reviewers and agency representatives will assess progress. In addition to reviewing progress over the past year and plans for the next one, one of our main tasks has been to prepare a more detailed plan for the Large Scale Integration, Assembly and Commissioning and Data Taking phases of the experiment extending into 2021 and beyond. In the next stage, Large Scale Integration, which we hope to start in 2018, we will begin assembling the critical parts from the current stage, together with acquiring the big ticket items like the helium liquefier, the neutron beamline and magnetic shield house.